US Marine Corps

The United State Marine Corps (or USMC) is one of the proudest units of fighting men and women in the world. The United States Marine Corps offers some of the most advanced and comprehensive training in the United States Armed Forces. The United States Marine Corps accepts the best and most elite men and women to serve in its ranks. Men and women who join the United States Marine Corps must adhere to the highest standards of physical fitness and stamina, integrity, commitment, and honor. The USMC has a reputation for being among the first on the scene, anything the United States faces a crisis or conflict. Marines are trained to respond quickly and efficiently to almost every circumstance conceivable. In the United States Marine Corps, an emphasis is placed on advanced strategy and problem solving, earning them the reputation of being fast acting, decisive, and effective.

United States Marine Corps Careers

The United States Marine Corps offer a multitude of job and career possibilities. The United States Marine Corps works closely with the United States Navy and must prepare for combat in almost any type of environment. Because of this, the United States Marine Corps receives some of the most rigorous training of any fighting unit in the world, and maintain a heightened state of readiness in peacetime or wartime. United States Marines are given competitive salaries and extraordinary benefits for their service. United States Marines can be eligible for educational benefits, financial allowances and compensations, housing stipends, and many other types of monetary compensations. Marines receive the best quality of health care for themselves and their families. If you remain an active duty member of the United States Marine Corps until retirement, your medical benefits for you and your spouse will continue through the rest of your lives. Members of the United States Marine Corps can expect travel opportunities. Some Marines can be moved to international bases, the costs of which are completely covered by the United States military.

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