Want To Have a Successful Career In The Military?

Joining the military may be the most important decision you make in your life. Your military job training may determine your career path long after your military service. Be patient and do your military research before you walk into your military recruiter's office. It's yours and your family's life, don't take it lightly.

Want to have a successful career in the military? It may seem difficult to look at a military career the same way we look at a traditional career. However, you can achieve a large amount of success with a military career just the same. Here are some of the best tips to help you achieve career success in the military.

Do Your Homework Long Before You Raise Your Right Hand

Getting the right military career training is by far the most important key to a successful military career. Before you ever sign, you need to be thorough about your school options. Don’t sign until you’re 100% prepared and happy with the school that you qualified for. Insure that your recruiter has given you all your options.

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If not, ask for another military recruiter. Pick a career training program that will last you into civilian life. Ideally, find a school that will teach you skills that will pay dividends long after your military career.

Pay Attention to those in Charge

One of the easiest things you can do is pay attention. This is very important as you first get out of basic training because you won’t really know what you’re doing. If your first line supervisor tells you to do something and it goes against what you learned in basic training, you should do what you’re told. This will help you to learn what needs to really be done and how to do it properly.

Relax, sort of

You can relax a bit now as basic training is done, but you don’t want to relax too much. The military may be essentially a 9 to 5 job, but you can actually end up in jail if you’re late for work. In addition, your job could turn into something far more serious at any moment.

Get an Education

You won’t get any more free promotions once you reach E-4. This means you have to do something to show you’re better than the others around you. College courses, military correspondences courses and other training can help you advance past E-4.

Stand Out

When you’re in the military boot camp, you’re taught to work as a team or you end up with consequences, as a team. While teamwork is important after boot camp, you need to stand out to move ahead. You don’t want to be a longer, but you also don’t want to be too social. Striking a balance is important and remember, you won’t like everybody.

Keep Your Affairs in Order

Commanders can be a bit unforgiving if you struggle with your affairs. If you make them look bad, they may take it out on you. Make sure you avoid debt, don’t bounce any checks, don’t get in fights and don’t get in trouble for things, such as drugs or drinking and driving.

Avoid Rumors

The rumor mill even exists in the military, but you don’t want to be a part of it. If you hear a rumor, let it go in one ear and out another. You don’t want to be the one caught spreading rumors or you might end up in big trouble.

Avoid Excuses

Offering an excuse to a commanding officer isn’t a good idea. Only offer an excuse if they ask for one. It’s better to respond with Yes Sir or Yes Ma’am than offering an excuse.
If you want to achieve success in a military career, these are some of the things you should do once you get out of basic training. Following these tips and working hard will help you get ahead as you advance through the ranks towards your career goals.

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